Moto 1 Motorcycles has Queensland’s best motorcycle rider training facility.
Learn to ride and get your Motorcycle Licence
  • Secure, dedicated, private and safe training facilities.
  • Sessions available 7 days a week.
  • Professional fully accredited instructors with years of both riding and teaching experience.
  • Our trainers use the latest techniques to get you riding safer, sooner.
  • Price Cap Guarantee!
  • Group classes or one on one training available ($60 per hour).
  • We specialise in one on one and group training.
  • Enjoy extra shade for hot summer days!
  • Classes generally begin daily at 8.00am and finish approx. 2:30pm.

Rider Training
Call us today to book your Q-Ride date.

We have a large range of Learner Approved (LAMS) and open class bikes too – Why not get a great deal while you are at our shop – See our range of bikes.

Want to know more?
I’ve never ridden a motorcycle!

Our instructors are senior qualified and trained to teach you how to ride safely. Your initial training involves both theory and practical elements, all undertaken at our private training centres.

I don’t own a motorcycle!
No problem! We provide you with a motorcycle suited to your riding ability and licence requirements. Bike hire, helmet & jacket hire are included at no additional cost to you.
Free helmet, jacket and motorcycle hire for the day!
How do I get a learner’s licence for a motorcycle?

Complete our pre learner course over two days. This can be over two consecutive days or broken up to fit around your schedule. Return your paperwork to the department of transport to complete the process. Call us to check availability and book your licence.

SUNSHINE COAST  07 5445 8866

How much does it cost to complete the Pre Learner Course?

The full cost of the two day Pre-learner course is $400-$460 dependent on booking day. Weekdays – $230/day & Weekends – $260/day.

How do I get an RE motorcycle licence?

First you’ll need to complete our two day Pre learner course and hold a learners permit for at least three months. Once you’ve done this you can book in for our one day RE course. If you already hold a learner’s permit, simply book in using our online form on this page!

How much does it cost to complete the RE course?

Our RE course is completed over the course of one day. Cost $230/weekdays and $260/weekends.

How do I get an open (R) motorcycle licence?
Complete our RE one day course and hold an RE licence for at least 2 years. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to book in for our one day R licence course…
How much does it cost to complete the R course?

Our R course is completed over the course of one day. Cost $230/weekdays and $260/weekends.

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