Honda UMK425 Bike Handle Brushcutter

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Ideal for the heavy duty residential and commercial user, Honda’s UMK425 Brushcutter is tailored to suit all your needs. Available in either a Loop Handle or a Bike Handle, get the job done with the perfect Honda finish. The Bike Handle is perfect for slashing medium areas and brush cutting scrub, while the Loop Handle is great for trimming garden beds, driveways and brush cutting.

360° operation – Fully inclinable for every application

Anti-vibration engine mount – Anti-vibration engine mount

Boasting the latest in Honda’s ultra-compact, lightweight, 4-Stroke engines, Honda’s UMK425 Loop and Bike handle Brushcutters offer superb power and more torque than ever before. Powered by Honda’s Generation II GX25 Mini 4-Stroke engine, the UMK425 is designed to deliver commercial-grade power that no 2-stroke competitor can match. And as you’ve come to expect from Honda, the UMK425 famous one pull easy-start system ensures it starts first time, every time. So whether you’re a commercial or domestic user, the UMK425 has the power you need for any application!

The UMK425 Loop and Bike handle Brushcutters run on unleaded fuel, so you’ll never get your hands dirty having to mix oil and petrol again just to get the thing going! This is thanks to its 4-Stroke advantage, plus you’ll also get premium power and torque so it’s a win, win! Honda leads the world with revolutionary mini 4-Stroke engines that deliver more power and use less oil than 2-stroke alternatives.

Honda’s superior engineering of the UMK425 Brushcutters, produce less noise and smoke making them environmentally friendly. Their ultra-compact, lightweight designs mean they’re easier to handle and will keep you working longer with less fatigue. And with the auto-decompression, electronic ignition and anti-flood primer system, the UMK425 will start first time, every time, year after year. Choose from the Loop or Bike handle designs to get yourself a Brushcutter that suits your comfort and application to get you that Honda finish, every time! With a 360° fully inclinable operation, a comfortable solid drive shaft and a unique anti-vibration engine mount, Honda’s quality extends to your comfort too.

UMK425 bike handle – Ergonomic bike handle reduces fatigue

  • Bike Handle
  • Straight Shaft
  • GX25cc powered 4-stroke Engine
  • Includes 4 tooth blade kit
  • Full operator harness included
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.55 L
Height 430 mm
Length  1,860 mm
Width   610 mm
Dry Weight  5.9 kg (w/out cutting head)

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